Below are testimonials from just a few of the great businesses we have helped over the years.

“I would like to thank the Ashtabula County 503 Corporation for helping me to attain the funds needed to complete my project of opening Eastside Drive Thru.”

 Jim Paulchel -  East Side Drive Thru

"We are so grateful to be partnering with the 503Corp on the continued growth and development of SPIRE Institute & Academy. SPIRE is already a tremendous economic driver in the region, and with the support of the 503 Corp, SPIRE can continue to bring more tourism, commerce and demand to the region. We are especially grateful to Sarah Bogardus for her support, professionalism and true excellence in customer service as she led us through this process and made us feel as though she was working on behalf of SPIRE in this pursuit." 

Jonathan Ehrenfeld | CEO  - Spire Institure and Academy

"The 503 Corporation is an excellent resource for any small business seeking funding for start-up capital or expanding their business. They are thoughtful and caring to walk you through the loan process and help connect you with other local small business advisors. The 503 Corp gave us true and honest feedback on our business plan and financials to help us secure funding. We highly recommend the 503 Corporation to any small business looking for financial assistance for their business endeavors."

Cole Emde - Nights and Weekends


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